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We are proud to represent the following lines:

Ametek1 Ametek Power Instruments – Manufacturers of the famed Scientific Columbus JemStar and JemStar II  line of multifunction meters and transducers, Rochester TR-3000 advanced Digital Fault Recorder, sequence of events recorders, transducers and Rochester annunciators, and Panalarm annunciators.   Represented in KY & OH, TR-3000 in Indiana

Aqua2Aquatronics – Manufacturers of the famed S-DAD (Super DAD) directional acoustic primary fault locator, EG-3000 secondary fault locator, CABLE-ID-LIVE identification & tagging device and various models of buried cable locators. Represented in KY & OH

HVI LogoHigh Voltage Inc. –Manufacturer of AC, DC & VLF Hipot testing equipment, primary fault locating thumpers,oil dielectric test sets, VLF cable diagnostic and tan-delta test sets. Represented in KY.


NDB Technology, Inc. – Manufacturers of Partial Discharge detection devices for field use, ultrasonic corona detection devices, TTRs, CT Test sets, Winding Resistance Test Set, protective grounding test sets, cadweld test sets, micro-ohmmeters and cable ID/phasing systems. Represented in KY, OH & TN.


Positron, Inc. – Manufacturers of GPR isolation devices for communication circuits in substations and other high voltage environments such as cell/PCS sites and E-911 locations. Represented in KY, OH & TN.

probewell_logo_retinaProbewell Lab, Inc . – Manufacturer of lightweight residential and three-phase meter tester/verifiers. Exclusive manufacturer of MeterCam disk sensor, allowing meterman to quickly test in the field.  Recently released is the WT series, which uses smartphone or tablet as test controller. Represented in TN, KY, OH, IN and Southern MI

RAD1RAD DATA COMMUNICATIONS – “Your Networks’ Edge”– Manufacturer of data communication & encryption devices for core and network edge applications. Secure LAN, WAN, Voice, Data, Teleprotection, Distribution backhaul.

Cross compatibility devices for Carrier Ethernet, SONET,serial, fiber & wireless insure you can meet evolving NERC-CIP requirements while maintaining connectivity with your legacy devices in the field.  Represented in KY & OH

SMC International – offers a wide range of solutions for protective relay testing, primary injection testing, secondary injection testing, transformer testing, circuit breaker testing, resistance measurements, switchgear and electrical panels testing, reclosers testing, IEC 61850 testing, substations maintenance, and more. Represented in KY

se1Shewmaker Electronics, Inc. – Provides electronic lab services for electric utilities involving: rebuilding of regulator controls, tapchanger controls, capacitor bank controls, line recloser controls, station battery charges, and test equipment.  Shewmaker Electronics is also the exclusive nationwide service/calibration lab for Fisher-Pierce metering test equipment. They have been in operation since 1983.  Represented Nationwide

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